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Christine W.
​​They are professional, efficient, and they closed the deal in a timely manner. 
In such a high pressure atmosphere, They were calm, and reassuring. 
I was very pleased with their service.

Dan H.
​​Thanks to Realty Cousins my family and I are living in our dream home. From placing an offer to the closing, the entire process went quick and smooth. Joe was great, he kept us informed and advised us through each step.

Melissa R.
​Joe Chiera was recommened by one of my friends, and for good reason. From day one, Joe put me at ease with the whole process of buying a home. He came across as a genuine human being rather than a pushy sales person. That was one quality lacking with other professionals I had previously contacted. Joe made himself easily approachable and readily available whenever I needed him. His prompt response to any of my queries made me feel confident that I could count on him. Again, another quality that had been missing in my communications with other professionals. Joe has a great personality, well-suited for working with the public. He's funny and made a first-time home buyer like me relaxed enough to enjoy myself. 
Even though I was quite a distance away, he traveled to my area with no problem. More than once! He showed me homes and answered all of my questions and concerns. I appreciated his advice and felt he was super knowledeable. I also had the pleasure of meeting his partner, and cousin, Rob. He joined us one day when we were out looking at homes. It was no surprise that, he too, was a sparkling personality. The two of them together are an unbeatable team. 
When I finally found a home, Joe never abanoned me while I was working with the bank. He kept in touch and always followed through on any detail. In fact, everyone who had to work with Joe, from the lawyers, to the loan officers, had nothing but good things to say about him. I can't stress it enough, he is a true proffesional and such a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him!

Stephanie P.
​I worked with Joe and Rob throughout my first home purchase. They were extremely professional and made my fiancé and I feel important. They went out of their way to accommodate my viewing needs. They also communicated efficiently with the seller and even set up an appointment for a home inspection. They had a vast amount of knowledge in regards to property values in the Hudson Valley and I felt confident taking on the negotiation process with them by my side.

Teresa S.
My husband and I worked with Rob and Joe when we were looking for a house upstate. I called three different relators and they were the ONLY ones that called me back. They were the ones that helped us find the PERFECT home for us. We were first time home buyers and they helped us through the entire process. They were extremely helpful and attentive. We highly recommend them to all of our friends!

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Ed J.
My wife and I had the pleasure of working with the Realty Cousins to help find and purchase our first home. Although both Rob and Joe seemed to be available 24/7; the point man for our adventure in home buying was Rob. He showed us countless homes and not once made us feel like we were wasting his time. This was a big deal for my then pregnant wife as you can imagine. Prior to showing us any home Rob had done his homework and had answers for all our questions. Rob’s knowledge and professionalism really shined during the negotiation process. The seller’s realtor had made negotiations very difficult to the point my wife and I were about to move on. In my opinion Rob handled this difficult situation perfectly. He made sure the property was the one we wanted, kept the dialog going and got us our asking price. Rob was also helpful when it came to finding the other players in the home buying process (ie attorney). We wouldn’t even think about another realty venture without calling the Realty Cousins first. Thank you again guys and keep up the good work.


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